karelia (karelia) wrote in beta101,

Let's Celebrate Punctuation

Today is National Punctuation Day.

By now, as a member of this community, you'll know that the comma is not a state of being and a semicolon is not a surgical procedure.

And here is a prime example what the misuse of a comma can do (credit goes to southernwitch69):

"I want to come inside Harry!" Ron shouted.

You can't help but scratch your head if this is in a fic that has absolutely no slashy tendency, right?

"I want to come inside, Harry!" Ron shouted.

Doesn't that comma just clarify what Ron said?

In dialogue, ALWAYS separate the direct address with comma(s).
Tags: direct address, national punctuation day
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ewwww! as you know, i don't mind a little slash now and then, but i did NOT need that image in my head! *rushes off to scrub brain*
I'm sorry! ROFL

But you see this kind of example will hopefully make people remember to use commas in direct address. :p
i should think it will work. if i didn't already know this rule, i'd be sitting in a corner right now with my eyes closed, repeating it over and over to myself.
You evil, evil woman. I spit all over my screen (and I can't clean it off right now because it's a touch screen and I have updates running that would be disrupted.

By the way. *smirk* I want to come over karelia and taste that nice cheese you've been making.

(You deserved that.)
Oh, eww. Thanks for that, nss. Just what I wanted to read during my coffee break. LOL.

And a semicolon isn't a surgical procedure?

I do wonder how many people think of the semicolon as that rather than a punctuation device. *snicker*
Sorta looks like one, doesn't it, especially with that crooked end. You just wanna pick at something with it. Like a dental tool. *ick*
More lovely images! Thank you! *heheheh*

The semicolon as surgical tool: use it to repair the dreaded coma, er, comma splice!
I live to please. *grins*

Use the semicolon to repair a comma splice, and someone's gonna splice you between the ears.
Unless ... oh, I don't know, the comma splice is somewhere up your left nostril and needs help getting itself out....

You bad, bad girl. No wonder I love you so! LMAO
Yup. Am bad and not sorry one whit for it.
Hermione said invitingly from across the library, "Come and watch me play with my pussy Severus."

Ron looked aghast. "I didn't know you called him Severus! I thought his name was Crookshanks!"

She looked up at him and rolled her eyes. "I don't believe I was talking to you, Ronald," she replied as she stroked the silky black hair of the man hidden under the desk. "I appeared to have made a comma nearer."