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Who vs Whom

Here's one some people seem to have trouble with: When to use who and when to use whom. It's easy, honestly.

Both are pronouns, and the difference is that who is the subject pronoun whilst whom is the object pronoun. Clear as mud? Okay, let's take this sentence: I love you. You in this sentence are the object of my affection. You is also the object of the sentence. ;) I is the subject and you the object. Therefore, the Rolling Stones displayed incorrect grammar in their song Who Do You Love.

If you refer to the subject, you use who:

Who hexed you?
Who was hiding in the dungeons?

If you refer to the object, you use whom:

"You love whom?" Ron asked incredulously.
Whom did he hide in the dungeons?

And here is a trick: If you can answer that who/whom question with him, which has an m at the end, just like whom, then you use whom. If you answer the question with he, which doesn't contain an m, then you use who.
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