karelia (karelia) wrote in beta101,

Another No Comma Rule

I know many of you just love commas, right? And because I like torture, here is another rule that forbids it. I should point out that there are various languages in which a comma is a must before the word that, depending on the context. Believe me, though, English isn't one of them.

RULE: Before that -> NO COMMA

Examples: The face that she made upon the news spoke volumes.

She said that she could make it to the meeting without problems.

You have to put salt in the marinara sauce so the flavour comes out.
(That's right, there is no 'that'. The 'that' is implied: You have to put salt in the marinara sauce so that the flavour comes out.)

There. Another potentially fatal comma eliminated.
Tags: no comma, so that, that
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